Member Care Concierge

Welcome to the MPI Member Care Center where we care about you. Membership in Meeting Professionals International is one of the best returns on investment you can make in your personal and professional development. Our commitment to making our membership successful by building human connections to knowledge/ideas, relationship and marketplace is exemplified through Member Care benefits. MPIGNY is dedicated to creating a supportive community for meeting professionals to achieve excellence for themselves and their organizations.

As the largest and most influential professional association for the meetings and events industry, MPI is your connection to more than 22,000 meeting planners and industry suppliers worldwide. Your membership entitles you to access the wealth of education, research and networking resources MPI has to offer and provides you with discounts on conferences and publications. It also gives you the opportunity to network with colleagues through local and online communities.

MPI Membership Rates:

                            New           Renewal  
Corporate Meeting Professional $395 $345
Association/Non Profit Meeting Professional      $395 $345
Government Meeting Professional  $395 $345
Supplier Meeting Professional  $515 $465
Meeting Management Professional Planner $395 $345
Meeting Management Professional Supplier $515 $465
Students $40 $40
Faculty $195 $195
Dual Membership $308 $680

MPI Member Referral Rewards Program

Share Your Passion and Profit: Introducing MPI Member Referral Rewards

You're passionate about meetings and events, which is why you're a member of the MPI community.  And, now when you share that passion, you can profit as well.

How? Every time you recruit a new full-paying member to MPI, you'll receive a $25 credit toward your membership renewal. Recruit 13 new full members and your entire renewal fee is covered. To get your referral credit, simply have the new member put your name or ID number in the "Referred By" section on the paper application or on the online process. It's that easy.

MPI Member Transfer Policy

MPI's membership transfer policy enables members to maintain their MPI relationship no matter where their career pursuits may take them. MPI membership belongs to the individual supplier or planner who originally joins the association, even if the employer paid for it.

In the event a member finds it necessary to terminate his/her membership, it is the right of the member to transfer his/her membership to a qualified employee within the same company. The member may do so providing that a written notice of transfer of membership, signed by the current member, with proper and complete paperwork, is provided to MPI headquarters prior to the expiration date of membership. The notice must include the full name and address of the new member who will assume the current membership through its expiration date. No planner match is required of the supplier. No application fee applies. The individual receiving the transfer must complete an MPI membership application.