What is MPIGNY?

Meeting Professionals International Greater New York (MPIGNY), established in 1977, is recognized as one of the ten largest MPI chapters globally with 550+ members representing over $892 million in buying power. MPIGNY is committed to promoting the advancement of the meeting industry by exposing our members to latest industry news, information, and trends during our educational programming and networking events.

Our membership is a diverse mix of corporate and association event planners, universities, hotel partners, convention bureaus, domestic and international tourism offices and independent business owners who all service the valuable meetings and event industry. We strive to empower our members to increase their strategic value through education, professional development, and business growth opportunities.

MPIGNY's monthly chapter events attract members and non-members of the meeting industry while successfully maintaining a 50% planner to 50% supplier ratio over the past 12 months. New York City is home to more than 50 of the fortune 500 companies including American Express, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Pfizer just to name a few, as well as over 5000 meeting and event professionals. And MPIGNY is the ideal launching pad to tap into this marketplace.

In January 2011, a small group of dedicated leaders banded together to create a strategic plan for the association. This plan, detailed below, remains the cornerstone for the re-imagined MPIGNY that you can experience today as well as serves as living proof that Margaret Mead was correct when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

MPIGNY values Members, Relationships, Education, Participation, Integrity and Creativity.

Our members are innovators, connectors, educators, designers, problem solvers, leaders and most importantly thinkers. Membership in MPIGNY creates possibilities, opens doors, enriches careers and allows for a risk-free learning space. The leadership team strives to be realistic with their goals and objectives to ensure they consistently deliver best in class valuable experiences for the membership. A commitment remains to ensure involvement in this association is the ultimate learning experience and strives at every level to be rewarding.


To create a supportive community for meeting professionals to achieve excellence for themselves and their organizations.


To provide education, networking and resources for meeting professionals in the Greater New York area.


Financial Stability: Education: Member Value: Volunteer Experience: Marketing & Communications: